SpiderForest and SpiderSpawn were created in 2004 by Fernando “Ran Jado” Paniagua as a new host for webcomics. SpiderForest originally hosted fantasy comics, while SpiderSpawn was a host for humor comics, but in summer 2008, the two networks merged into one entity, taking the name of SpiderForest.

Ran Jado’s vision for SpiderForest included a strong system of interlinks between members, which can be seen in the rotating banner on nearly all member sites. Many SpiderForest sites are built using Ran Jado’s own ProPanda automation code for webcomic archiving and news systems, but members are free to use whichever archival system they like.

Responsibilities of Members

As members of SpiderForest your only responsibilities other than your comic are to vote on new comics biannually, and to run the SpiderForest header on your site. There are frequent art exchanges and “Comic of the Week” features and art exchanges/collaborations in which you’re welcome to participate, but as a member, you are never required to participate. We’re an easy-going group!

Our Community

SpiderForest is like living in Comicville instead of Comictropolis. We all know each other, we share readers, we share art, we share our trials and tribulations as well as our triumphs. We might be smaller than the bigname comics or collectives, but we’re ready with a friendly (or creepy) .gif and a helping hand. Don’t apply because you want more traffic. Apply because you want to be part of a small town of comics and their creators, instead of living in the giant city of the internet.

Each comic accepted in SpiderForest is open to review by all our members, so whether you’re looking for a fun comedy or epic adventure, comics here also come with our personal recommendations. You’re not just reading a comic, but a SpiderForest comic, and that means you just have to look at the banner to find another comic that you will enjoy.


The SpiderForest website was designed and built by Christina “Delphina” Major for the Colangine theme on WordPress. The current iteration of the SpiderForest logo was designed by Alyssa “Ayemae” Alecci. The background image was created by Monica NGalvan. The overview for applicants graphic on the Apply page was created by Robin Childs. The ProPanda comic archival code was developed and is maintained by Ran Jado. All comic properties are owned solely by their creators.