(less than 250-500 books)

360 Digital Books – USA
I haven’t done business with them but I’d recommend them highly on the basis of their communication, and I’ve heard good things from people who’ve worked with them. Minimum order is 25 copies; they allow price matching.

DocuCopies – USA
Minimum order is 6 copies.

Greko Printing – USA
Their rates are good and turn-around time is excellent.

Rink Printing -USA
25 copy minimum, good turnaround times and quality, though they’ve recently increased their prices for short-run comics. (The ‘Shenanigans’ minicomic was printed through these guys). They do both long and short runs.

QuickComics – USA
10 copy minimum; short and long run printing of both issues and trades. 2 week turnaround time and very high quality stock. No fees for reorder changes! They do both long and short runs.

CreateSpace – USA
This is Amazon’s print-on-demand publishing arm, so a book printed here will automatically get an ISBN and be listed on Amazon. Quality can be variable and apparently their customization options are limited, although depending on what you’re after it can still work out just fine. I’ve seen books printed through them come out great.

Mira Book Smart – USA
Turnaround time of 7-10 days.

RA Comics Direct – USA
I’ve seen these guys get recommended all over; quality is at least decent.

IC Geeks – USA
Apparently MIA, but I’ll keep them on here.

Keness -USA
Turnaround time is listed as 5-6 days, but they offer 3-4 and 1-2 for about $1 and $2 more per book respectively (not bad for a rush fee!) They have a 100-book minimum. I’ve heard good things from people who’ve printed with them, though as a personal anecdote I tried to contact them about shipping to Canada (their forms don’t include an option for international shipping) and they never replied at all; if you can raise a response they may be a good option though!

IM Photographics – USA
25 book minimum with a one week turnaround. Proofs are $30.

Ka-Blam – USA
Very well-known. They have no minimum order and fast turnaround times. Print quality is mediocre and paper options are limited. Not always responsive. They do give you a space on their online store (indyplanet), which is a potential bonus. They have an option where you can get a discount by allowing them to place an ad for their services in your book. There is an in-depth review of their print quality here.

TransContinental – Canada
These guys are not known for low prices on their short-runs but they are known for good quality. They also do both long and short runs.

ComicPrintingUK – UK
Good quality, do both long and short runs.


(offset printing, best for 250-500 copies or more)

Print Ninja – USA (printed in China)
They’re great to work with. Their minimum order is 250, though at 250 copies many of the POD options are still competitive with their prices. They also offer this handy checklist for customers as well as a great FAQ section about paper weights and printing options. Standard turnaround is 6-8 weeks with the ability to expedite orders in 2 weeks. The books are printed overseas, so all books need a ‘printed in China’ note.

Comic Book Printing – USA
These guys specialize in comics and only do long runs. They were also the only company who quoted me with a set up fee ($50) which includes a proof. 7-10 day turnaround time for printing and very nice looking samples. They have their own online store for selling the comics they print called

Active Media Printing – USA (printed in China)
Another overseas printer; so slow turnaround times, but good prices and great quality.


For button-making needs (though a lot of people buy their own button-pressing machine)

Auxiliary Buttons

Busy Beaver


Monterey Company

Enamel pins– apparently reasonable prices! (Though you have to talk to them to find out, as it’s not listed on their website)



Standout Stickers




Art prints and posters!




The Printing House – Canada


Business cards, assorted other merch like glasses cloths, pillowcases, textiles

GotPrint – US
Business cards, bookmarks, stickers, convention banners, postcards. Quantities tend to run a little high, but price is good for most items.

Pretty well everything you can think of: cards, stickers, apparel, tote bags, giclee art prints, and so on.

InkIt Labs

Business cards, greeting cards, postcards, etc. Very good quality.

Cards, glasses clothes, and coinpurses (though their prices are high unless you wait for sales)


  • An increasing proportion of our members are looking into print lately. On the SpiderForest forum, we have a big thread which compiles all these different places.

    There are a lot of different categories for this subject so this list splits them up in a way that makes sense to me, though if anyone reading this has suggestions for changes I could make please feel free to suggest away! This thread is most useful if it’s being continuously edited and updated to reflect more companies and resources (or to take them off, should they close their doors for whatever reason). And of course, if you know more printers or have more information on any of the ones listed here, please let me know!

    A bunch of the info in here is cribbed from this post, which is also very informative and good reading, though a little out of date now. There is further interesting reading (albeit even more out of date) here: Print On Demand Review


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