About Us

All SpiderForest comics have one important thing in common:
the creator's vision comes first.

SpiderForest is a creator-run, volunteer-driven webcomic collective spanning genres, art styles, and continents. Our creators include artists and writers with decades of experience, as well as new voices. Together, we vet, curate, and promote high-quality and free-to-read webcomics. Currently, the comics we feature number in over 100... and growing.

We have no in-house art style, company brand, or mandate towards marketability. What we focus on is high-quality, unique stories and a passion for excellence and growth in the comics medium.

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Comic Ratings

Comics on SpiderForest.com are labeled with the following ratings: G for General audiences, T for Teen audiences, and M for Mature (adult) audiences.

All SpiderForest comics are rated and tagged with these and other content warnings by their respective creators, at their discretion. SpiderForest and its admin team cannot answer rating or content warning inquiries, nor do we claim that any of our member comics are safe for children to read. If you have specific content questions before reading a comic listed on SpiderForest.com, we encourage you to contact the creator(s) of the comic in question directly.

Joining Our Collective

SpiderForest is a casual, not-for-profit collective, with an emphasis on community collaboration and personal achievement. We are not a publisher nor a business; what we provide is a supportive environment for our creators to grow, teach, and build each other up. To accepted applicants, we offer free hosting for their comic website, help them get that website up and running if needed, and we cross-promote each others' work on our social media platforms. We don't make any claims of ownership over our creators' work — and we never will.

For more information about our commitment to our creators and how we operate, read our Policy Charter.

SpiderForest takes applications for new comics and their creators to join us once or twice a year, and application events are announced on this site as well as our social media outlets.

Our History

Established in 2004, SpiderForest is among the oldest webcomic collectives on the web.

Originally conceived as a host for fantasy comics, Fernando "Ran Jado" Paniagua created SpiderForest alongside a humor-focused sister collective, SpiderSpawn. In summer of 2008, the two networks merged into one entity and opened up to welcome all genres, creating the 'SpiderForest' we have now.

Ran Jado envisioned a tight network of comic websites that would connect readers to the work of other members, as shown in the rotating banner seen on all SpiderForest comic sites. For the benefit of comics under the collective's banner, Ran Jado also built our proprietary webcomic content management system, ProPanda, which many members still use to this day.

At present, SpiderForest is run democratically by its body of comic creators, making us a wholly creator-driven group.


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