March 1, 2020

SpiderForest News for March 2020

Wishing all SpiderForest members the best of luck as the year Marches on!

Our March header comes to you courtesy of Christina Major, Lee, and Keiiii. Characters featured from The Guide to a Healthy Relationship, October 20, Arbalest, Numb, and Daniel!

XII's Latest Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter to print XII: Of Magic and Muses, Volume 2: Mischief, has only a few days left! You'll be able to get 700 full colour pages in a book or digital bundle - or an option to add on our standees from our last Kickstarter!
You can follow the link to the Kickstarter here!

Other Happenings in the Forest!

After more than a year off, The Demon Archives is coming off of hiatus! Chapter 15 will start posting monthly starting March 1st, featuring a new artist, Neri Rearte.

Niina Eveliina's short comic "Honey & Janice: Afterlife escorts" -print is now out! The story follows two demons who get an uncommon mission from upstairs. You can find it from Niina's freshly opened Etsy store.

Write a letter to a Heart of Keol character! You just might get to see your recipient responding.

See Christina Major of Sombulus at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, March 12-15! She'll be in the Artists Alley, table MM10!

Michael returns from its chapter break March 9th with "Out of the Bag". With Halloween over and November rolling through, Michael is less than happy to have to jump back into hiding... but we all know that's only going to last so long.

Beneath the Clouds's main story arc finished on the 17th of February, 2020. The comic will be on hiatus in March and will continue on 6th April with three short stories set in the same world (in COLOUR)!

Donate any amount to Christina Major of Sombulus through Patreon or Gumroad in the month of March and get a Sombulus wallpaper 4-pack as thanks!

Alethia chapter 13 will be released on in March.

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