January 1, 2020

SpiderForest News for January 2020!

SpiderForest welcomes a new year!  Be sure to keep an eye out for new comics to read and your favorite comics returning from holiday hiatus. Happy 2020!

This month's party spider header image drawn by Delphina of Sombulus!

Comic of the Week Kicks Off!

SpiderForest is sponsoring its annual "Comics of the Week" member cross-promotion! Beginning the week of January 6th and running through March, participating members will be promoting other SpiderForest comics! It's the perfect opportunity to find new webcomics to read in the community!

Visit your favorite comics or check out the spotlights on the Home Page each week! You're sure to find something new to add to your reading lists!

New Patreon Bonuses!

Realm of Owls has a Patreon reward update! Starting January 6th, every patron gets an early stare at digital art penned, er, stylus-ed(?) by Vayandil – months before anyone else! Join the hoot! (Ò◊Ó)ᕗ

Soul's Journey is back on Patreon, feel free to check it out if you would like early access and a look behind the scenes.

Grand Finales!

Fine Sometimes Rain posted its final page on December 31!  Congratulations to Amy on 15 beautiful chapters of her slice of life romance. Be sure to follow her Twitter for news about her upcoming Kickstarters and projects!

Earth in a Pocket wrapped up its main story on December 15.  Look for the epilogue starting January 7, and big thanks to Helen for sharing the poignant sci-fi saga of the astro-historian Halisi and the cutest space jellyfish aliens ever.

Returning from Hiatus in January

broken is returning from hiatus with Chapter 5 starting on January 11th!

XII: Of Magic and Muses
XII: Of Magic and Muses will be returning in full force January 6th with Chapter 14: Hidden Spaces! As well as updating from Monday to Thursday every week!

Also, follow this space for the Kickstarter for Volume 2: Mischief in February!

The Guide To A Healthy Relationship
The Guide To A Healthy Relationship will be returning from hiatus January 6th, with the start of Chapter 5!

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