SpiderForest News for March '21
March 1, 2021

SpiderForest News for March '21

Spring is in the air! Spider Friend has found the proverbial pot of gold! You can too, in the form of great member comics!

New Products

The Newest Playlist!

Our Spiderforest Spotify playlist for February was ... 'Dance Party: IN SPACE!!!' featuring 73 carefully selected tunes for working on your (inter)galactic webcomic! Or, you know, if you ever need to throw a dance party in space. Cover art is from Sunset Grill by Kat Feete.
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Help Fund These Projects!

On March 1st the crowdfunding campaign for Numb Volume 1 begins at Indiegogo! Help bring Numb to print!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is on the last few days of its Kickstarter, ending on Thursday, March 4 at Noon EST. With hours left to go, there are still plenty of stretch goals to unlock to get extra rewards with your pledge!

Hiatus and Returns!

Children of Shadow: Ashes will be going on hiatus until summer so Lee can update his second comic.

Sunset Grill is coming back from hiatus at last! Updates will resume on March 2nd.

Ruu & Walter returns from break with chapter eight on March 7th.

Michael will be returning from chapter break on March 15th with "Normalcy"! Meanwhile, The Devil's Own will be going on chapter break after the fourth and return on the 25th with "Falling Together!" Hope you can be there for the returns!

Lateral will be starting chapter 3 on March 31st!

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