November 2, 2020

SpiderForest News for November 2020

Our November Header comes to you with a small sneak peek at all of the contributors to Threads: Secret Places with the frame and images compiled by Duskglass who makes "From the Machine."

Well now, November snuck up on us didn't it? Wasn't it just August? Time for some warm fires, hot cocoa, holidays and loved ones! SpiderForest hopes that you'll cozy up to some member comics to help pass those longer, colder nights!

Kickstarter Ends November 13th!

ENDING ON NOVEMBER 13 - Our campaign for Threads: Secret Places finishes up November 13! Help us reach our funding goal and get a copy of this lovely book of short stories!


Now Recharging is wrapping up an eventful Chapter 7 full of gladiatorbot friends. A fresh new tale will be told in Chapter 8, starting this month!

Soul's Journey will start Chapter 7 - the penultimate chapter!

With the end of Chapter 7, Soul to Call has concluded its second story arc! Chapter 8 has already begun, and with it, a brand new adventure rife with monsters and struggles.

The webcomic Fate, created by Anthea West, will be reaching the milestone of 200 pages on November 3rd!

Hiatus and Returns!

See You in 2021!

Beneath the Clouds will be going on hiatus on 18th November 2020 and will return with the final short story on 4th January 2021!

Sombulus wraps up Act 9 this month! Be sure to tune in for the final pages and look for Act 10 in 2021

Magic and Muses is releasing its final chapter of 2020 with Chapter 21: Molten Heart. After that the comic will be taking a brief hiatus for the month of December and showing off the amazing XII art we've received over the past year!
Magic and Muses will be returning January 4th and updating a 6 days a week while we prep for the trilogy's final Kickstarter!

Hello again!

Darwin Comics resumes normal updates on the week of November 2nd! Michael will kick it off on Monday the 2nd and The Devil's Own will follow Thursday the 5th! Now's a good time to get caught up on the action! Thank you for all those who contributed art for the hiatus!

Littlelight Asylum is back with the start of issue #3!

Court of Roses has made its official return with its next chapter, "Notte"! Thank you all for enjoying the Guest Art this past October!

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