October 2, 2020

SpiderForest News for October!

October is upon us and in the spirit of the season, Creators were asked to dress up SpiderFriend as one of their favorite characters! From top to bottom we have: Wraith by Fairy-Fort, Emmie by Maiji, Ombrafriend by Lee, Saga by Silver Kraken, Cabarachnid by Darwin, Bunny Spider by Anthea, Merlowspider by Nutty

Threads: Secret Places Anthology Kickstarter!

SpiderForest is excited to announce our fourth comic anthology will be funding this month on Kickstarter! Follow here to get your copy when our campaign launches October 12!

broken Indiegogo!

broken, a dark fantasy story about a fairy general and an undead psychic facing an apocalypse brought by eldritch abominations, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to print the first four chapters together in Book 1. Rewards also include prints, buttons, and a custom illustration.

Hiatus and Return

Terrafold begins Chapter 4 - Red, after a short break on October 6th.

Chapter 3 of Court of Roses, "The Goblin Lair", reaches its end on October 1st! A 3-week break follows, full of fantastic guest art for the comic! Chapter 4, "Notte", will begin on October 26th!

Millennium will be on hiatus for the month of October, we will return on November 2nd!

Merch and More!

Of Dhampirs and Warlocks novelization is debuting October 15th! Preorders on Kindle available now!

Lee is offering new merch in his Gumroad store. Get your own Children of Shadow themed charms and mini-prints!

Gifts of wandering ice - Book 1 - Tip of the iceberg is now available as an e-book on Gumroad (254 pages pdf). Min price is only 1$ but you can add a tip if you want.

Additionally, the first GWI fanart contest is on!
All participants will get an "Ice Gift" ebook. The winner will get a real paper book with the same story.

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