SpiderForest will be taking applications next year, dates pending.

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June 2021 Application Requirements:

  • Update Schedule Requirement:
    CURRENTLY be updating their webcomic at least once a week, or be scheduled to return from hiatus independent of being accepted. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Minimum Page Requirement:
    Have one full, non-prologue chapter (for longform comics) or 25 strips/updates (for shortform/strip format comics) complete and available to read online. No exceptions!
  • Website Requirement:
    Have an independent self-hosted site with full control over the HTML/CSS. We hope to offer hosting in a future application round, but applicants hosted on ComicFury, Tapas, Webtoon, or Tumblr will not be accepted in the 2021 application season.
  • Reapplication Requirement:
    Reapplying comics are REQUIRED to seek critique via our Constructive Critique forum before January 31st of the application year, prior to reapplication. If you have yet to do this, you will have to sit this season out!

Member Requirements

After being accepted, members must adhere to the following:

  • Participate in voting during scheduled application seasons
  • Display the SpiderForest rotating network banner on your comic page
  • Cannot be a member of other private comic-related collectives or networks
  • Primary site cannot be hosted on a brand network, such as but not limited to: ComicFury, Tapas, Webtoons, or Tumblr
  • SpiderForest site must be at least one update ahead of mirror sites (The exception being under paywall support systems such as on Patreon)
  • Maintain your own website
  • Provide your own promotion materials (Images, news, etc.)
  • Attend yearly roll call and engage with the SpiderForest community regularly
  • Be responsive to admin emails and keep in touch regarding expected breaks or hiatuses from your comic

Other Policies at a Glance

  • SpiderForest offers free hosting for accepted comics during select application seasons. Those who need help setting up their site will be paired with a volunteer member, but once they are set up, members must maintain their sites on their own. During those seasons, we provide our own exclusive content management system (CMS), Ran Jado’s proPanda, for use on SpiderForest sites, however, members are allowed to use any CMS they choose. We intend to offer this again in the 2022 application season.
  • SpiderForest does not and will never make any claims of ownership over anyone’s comics, art, writing, or other related content. Your work belongs to you.
  • SpiderForest is a community collective, not a publisher. While we offer members advice and limited social media promotion, we do not handle any business or advertising matters for them. We do not run on a business model; everyone at SpiderForest is an unpaid volunteer, including the founders and administrators.
  • At SpiderForest, we treat each other with respect. We are a diverse group, and abusive or derogatory behavior toward the background, identity, or beliefs of any person or group of people will not be tolerated.
  • Becoming a member of SpiderForest does not require signing a contract, and a member may leave at any time.
  • We encourage applicants to have their comics posted to a comic host such as ComicFury or Webtoon prior to application — especially if needed for the purpose of having their comic on a site to present to us. Should the applicant be accepted, they may keep these outlets as a mirror. However, we require that a member’s SpiderForest site be at least one page ahead, and that site should either be hosted privately, or by us.
  • What a member puts into SpiderForest is what they get out of it. We advise members to join in on collective projects and seek connection/advice from the rest of the community, but ultimately, whether they do so is their choice.
  • We strongly recommend that applicants read through the full Policy Charter. Should any doubts remain, we encourage reading the Application FAQ as well.

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