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This funny fantasy series follows many characters, both good and bad, as they try to survive in the Monster Lands.
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  • Created by: James Nelson
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  • Rated   M
  • Content Warnings: abuse [brief], blood/gore [explicit], sexual content [implied]
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Update Day(s): Mondays
  • Summary: The Monster Lands can be a dangerous place to travel through, and that's not just due to all the monsters under the queen's employ. Scammers, pirates, necromancers, and annoying buff dudes that constantly want to fight are all likely to accost you. It's not a great world. That doesn't mean it can't be fixed up a bit, though. Othera spends her days riding through the Monster Lands, punishing those who choose the path of being a jerk. It's an honorable profession, but is it worth it?
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