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To forge your own halo--to become a hero. To prove your true worth...?
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  • Created by: Brandon Hankins
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  • Rated   G
  • Content Warnings: abuse [explicit], death [explicit], emotional manipul [explicit], harm to children [explicit], trauma [implied], violence/blood [explicit]
  • Status: Active
  • Update Day(s): Wednesdays, Fridays
  • Summary: Autumn Wing follows a small half-angel child on a big quest to create his own halo! Adventuring through a beautiful but cruel land, Autumn's gentle nature is tested time and again in his bid to find his worth in a world that says only the hard-hearted are worthy. Inspired by JRPGs of yore, this story is an homage to the video games that shaped my childhood, while also telling personal stories of what it was like to grow up as a "soft" Black boy. I tell this story of acceptance to heal
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