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The terrifying tale of Daniel Groth, an unfortunate man turned vampire.
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  • Created by: Sarah Nelson
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  • Rated   M
  • Content Warnings: blood/gore [explicit], body horror, dark/disturbing themes, death, harm to children [brief], profanity, sexual assault [mostly implied], torture, violence [explicit]
  • Status: Finished
  • Update Day(s): Mondays
  • Summary: In a 1930s Illinois, we follow the tale of Daniel Groth, a down-on-his-luck but good spirited gravedigger who simply disappeared one day without a trace, leaving behind his best and only friend, Christine, with whom he was secretly in love. He returns months later to Christine's house... very much changed. Now a horrifying creature of the night, Daniel's true personality is fading away, leaving only his unquenchable desire for blood.
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