July 1, 2022

News for July 2022

Crowdfund Campaigns

TESB tome one on Kickstarter!

The first book of Ten Earth Shattering Blows is up on Kickstarter. Let's get this bad boy printed! This is my first campaign and I'm mildly scared and very excited.

Comic Milestones

News for July 2022

To celebrate HNAR's 4th Anniversary AND return from hiatus, a new extended version of Chapter 2 will drop on July 1st as well as a new Chapter 7 page! It's a good time to delve into the mad world of working retail with Ash and Damian!

Now Recharging ends

Nothing is forever. That's what makes everything special. Now Recharging has come to the end of a 7 year run. Read and relive the entire journey of happy robots exploring existence and making friends!

Tamuran Chapter 17 ends + break

Tamuran Chapter 17 (and Book 3) will be ending on July 29. There will be a break before Chapter 18 starts - check the site for bonus art and status updates. This would be a great time to reread, or for new readers to dig into the 600+ page story!

2.5 Months Left!

Magic and Muses is on its final 3 chapters and will be completed in September! Hop on before the ride is over!

Music for your comics

July Playlist

What better music for telling tales than to immerse yourself in songs that tell a story? Some strange, some familiar; come and find your next favourite story - in song form! Art by Max Kinne from Jack Beloved.

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