News for August 2022
August 1, 2022

News for August 2022

Crowdfund Campaigns

What it Takes Omnibus Kickstarter

August kicks off the start of the What it Takes kickstarter! All 1000+ strips into a single, massive book. Reserve yours today!

Comic Milestones

The End

Soul's Journey is finished after 8 years of updates! You can now read the entire comic front to back (or back to front if you prefer that).

Chapter 11 starts

Jack Beloved starts a new chapter on August 2nd! When things are desperate for our boys...what will Sam do?

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

TPC August News!

The Pirate Checklist is returning this month!!! And will return to its weekly schedule! Thanks for tuning in! There's also a new sticker for this month via Patreon! Go check it out!

Michael's Chapter Break!

Michael's current chapter wraps up August First! So we're taking a Chapter Break! Michael returns on August 22nd with the newest chapter "Suspicions!" Stay tuned to the site for concepts and news!

O Sarilho is taking a summer break

O Sarilho is taking a quick break for August and will be back in September!

News for August 2022

Of Conquests and Consequences is on hiatus till September. But there are polls every week so readers can choose filler material.

Music for your comics

July Playlist game

Curated music for when you're zipping through panels depicting the passage of rigorous exercises to develop mind and body to the next level! Just like a master comic artist!! Art from Gobo Gazette by Gobo

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