News for September 2022
September 1, 2022

News for September 2022

Just in time for back to school, SpiderForest has launched our Threadless merch shop starting with our SpiderForest BASICS collections! Stay tuned as we release more designs soon!

Shoppers (and store staff) from left to right: Ash and Bell from KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale; Monica from R.O.A.R; Ash from Honestly Not a Robot; Sam from Jack Beloved; Emmie and Morio from Now Recharging

Convention Appearances

SpiderForest at SPX 2022

Small Press Expo is on this September 17-18, 2022! Find SpiderForest at Table E7 with works from Aron Fitzgerald, Maxwell Kinne, lonelytuatara, Pink Pitcher, and more! Members Eightfish and Shea Britton will also be at J7, and crabbng at W37!

New Products

Now Recharging Books 1-5

Now Recharging Books 1-5 now available as ebooks with bonus content. Get them on or Ko-fi! Plus: Print books 1 and 2 will be available at SpiderForest's SPX table!

Miscellaneous News

September Playlist

This month: some music to keep you company as you let those creative juices flow from your brain to the paper or the screen ... Cover art from Alethia by Kristina

Numb has a newsletter!

Numb has now a monthly newsletter! No spam. Easy way to keep up with comic updates in monthly batches. Latest info of ongoing and future projects as well as crowdfund campaigns. Monthly comic diary update, which are otherwise Patreon exclusive!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Cat Legend

Cat Legend returns at the start of September. We will be here every Monday!

Leaving the Cradle is back!

Leaving the Cradle is back from its spring hiatus with a new chapter.

Ingress Chapter 7 Begins!

Ingress Adventuring Company returns on September 1st! Chapter 7 begins now, which means it's a perfect time to catch up with the comic.

DO Chapter Break!

The Devil's Own's is going on a chapter break on September 2nd! The comic will return with "A Far Reaching Influence" on September 22! Plenty of time to catch up!

Castoff Returns from Hiatus

Castoff is back from summer hiatus, beginning chapter 11 and kicking off the next story arc!

News for September 2022

Court of Roses: The current chapter, "Calcin, Act 2" wraps up on Sept 8th! The comic goes on break for a month, but we'll be posting guest art in the meantime, and will return at the beginning of October for "The Mindful Masquerade"!

HNAR is on a break!

Honestly not a Robot is on a break until 2023! I need time to rest! I also have been working on a mini comic to launch on my site by the end of 2022, before I start to recreate a buffer and set up future HNAR scripts! See you then!

Comic Milestones

The end of Magic and Muses!

While not the ending of XII by a long shot, the first series Of Magic and Muses will be uploading its final pages 6x a week until Sept 10th. The sequel Rogues and Remnants is scheduled for a January release!

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