News for October 2022
October 1, 2022

News for October 2022

Crowdfund Campaigns

Autumn Wing Chapter 1 Crowdfunder!

Please support Autumn Wing Chapter 1, an 80-page print graphic novel collecting the opening story of the fantasy webcomic Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire! The Crowdfundr Campaign launches October 5th!

Fun and Games in the Forest!

Brothers Halloween Event!

The Ministry has detected a Virus! Tread carefully throughout the month of October, as strange things have been sighted on the Brothers website. Friendly faces are no longer friendly. New secret links have been added. Can you find them all?

TPC October News!

The Pirate Checklist's creator is now streaming art and games on Twitch!

SF Playlist completed Sept 2022

On the road, with shadows and glowing city lights all around you. Here's some music to keep your thoughts company. Art from Immaterial by Arts Angel.

New Products

New Designs in our shop!

NEW ITEMS in the SpiderForest merch store! Add some spider style to your wardrobe and home with four fresh designs from our members in our store!

Spooky Halloween PDF!

In time for Halloween! Darwin is releasing two horror comics Midnight and Master of Fates as a combined PDF! Look for it on OCT 15th on Gumroad! This 33 page PDF will help haunt your Halloween nights!

Comic Hiatuses and Finales

What it Takes Epilogue Concludes

Topping off at 1082 pages, the final page of the What it Takes Epilogue goes live on October 7. Thanks for reading!

O Sarilho is going on a break

O Sarilho's Chapter 6 will be finishing this month and the comic will go on a break until 2023.

New Chapters Beginning

Tamuran returns with Chapter 18!

Tamuran returns on October 21 with Chapter 18: Poison and Lies.

Court of Roses Returns!

Court of Roses returns from its break on Monday, October 10th for its latest chapter, "The Mindful Masquerade"!

october news

Chapter 5 of Tuppence for Stardust begins on October 25th!

Comic Anniversaries

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