News for November 2022
November 1, 2022

News for November 2022

Comic Milestones

Brothers Chapter 2 Wrap-up!

Chapter 2 of Brothers is wrapping up this month! Now's a great time to start reading, or get caught up before the start of Chapter 3! Things are getting interesting...don't miss out!

The Devil's Own Novel!

On November 10th, help Darwin celebrate her birthday by purchasing a copy of The Devil's Own novel! All that's in the comic and so much more!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

TPC November News!

The Pirate Checklist has been off of hiatus for a few months now! Check out the latest!

Chapter 2 is wrapping up!

Fluffy Gang's Chapter 2 is finished and it will be resuming updates on December 3rd!

Bonus Stories, Comics, and Playlists!

News for November 2022

Whilst Honestly not a Robot's on hiatus; a new mini comic is available! In "Wannabe Faker", Ash is showing Damian one of his favourite video game scenes. They chat about having fun despite a story's flaws! As mentioned on the ScreenTones podcast!

Numb AMA -event!

Drop your hottest, most burning questions in the Numb Twitter, Discord Server or comments in the Numb AMA event! Answers will be revealed after the end of chapter 12.

October Playlist Game

'Tis the season for vibrant fall colours, candy corn, and the BURNING FIRES OF VENGEANCE!! This month's playlist is music for characters with a score to settle ... Cover art from Tamuran by Aron Fitzgerald.

Comic Anniversaries

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