News for December 2022
December 1, 2022

News for December 2022

Holiday header featuring (left to right): Michael and Mandy from Michael by Darwin; Susan from Numb by Niina Evaliina; Sydney from Sombulus by Delphina; Ellie from Witch of Dezina by Kimmy; Anrak from Soul's Journey by Sophie; May from Tuppence for Stardust by Anje; Maggie from Clover and Cutlass by Toby; Eurico from O Sarilho by Shizamura; Alex from R.O.A.R. by Dingo.

Comic Milestones

KoS 3 Year Anniversary

Kings of Sorts is celebrating its 3 year anniversary December 24, 2022!

Comics Coming Back!

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties with her Wacom, Darwin had to take an unexpected hiatus. Michael and The Devil's Own return the week of December 5, 2022! More info at Darwin Comics

Kings of Sorts RETURNS

Kings of Sorts returns December 24, 2022 with Episode 11! Chaar thinks by a beach, Bon and Tera go to a library, Hana reads webcomics, and so much more!!

Footloose is Returning!

Footloose is starting a new comic arc! Look out in the new year to find out What Keti Did Next!

Holiday Hiatuses

Sombulus Wrap-Up

Sombulus is taking a December break, and putting together another yearly wrap! If you have fan theories, art or thoughts to share about the comic, leave a comment to have them included!

Brothers Hiatus

Due to a personal injury, Brothers will be going on hiatus! Guest art will be featured during the month of December! Chapter 3: Face Value, begins January 6, 2023! See you after the holidays!

News for December 2022

Due to a hand injury, Gobo Gazette is on hiatus with an expected return in January 2023. If you have fan art or questions that you would like to submit, please follow the link. The time for first-time readers, light filler and re-reads is now!

News for December 2023

R.O.A.R recently finished up Chapter 7 "Null" and will be on break until January 15, 2023! It'll be kicking off Chapter 8 "Tigers" upon return. There will still be bi-weekly content snippets posted over the break.

TPC December News!

The Pirate Checklist will be taking its annual Holiday break for the month of December and will return in January!

Musical Inspirations

November Money Playlist

We made a money-themed playlist for narrative inspiration, or to help manifest some moolah. (Worth a try! $) Art from Saffon and Sage - Story by Daniel Kelly / Art by Sofia Lopez / Colors by Threnody JG

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