News for December 2023
December 1, 2023

News for December 2023

Happy Holidays from the SpiderForest creators! Our Christmas tree is decorated from left to right with ornaments from Sombulus, Brothers, Kings of Sorts, Runaway Drakaina, and The Quest of Casey Tailor, sprinkled between them are characters from Now Recharging. Thanks to Max of Jack Beloved for the festive header concept.

SpiderForest Book Club for December

SpiderForest Book Club

We're reading and discussing Tamuran this month! Share your fanart and thoughts all month, and look for our voice chat in the SpiderForest Discord on January 3!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

The Chronicles of Oro Returns!

After a 6 year hiatus, The Chronicles of Oro finally returns December 4th with the start of Chapter 4! Already posted chapters also received edits (and a few entirely new pages) that are already up on the site! Updates resume Mondays!

Fate rises from the dead!

This December, Fate will be starting chapter 7 after a several-month-long hiatus! Trying to get off an island crawling with guards, Bunny and Dee find themselves cornered. Will their rocky friendship be able to overcome what's coming?

The Pirate Checklist December News!

The Pirate Checklist is taking its annual December break and will return in January 2024!

Comic Milestones

Soul to Call's 10-Year Anniver

Soul to Call celebrates its 10-year anniversary on December 16th! Keep an eye on for a raffle, interview, and other goodies to celebrate this massive milestone.

KoS Anniversary

Kings of Sorts has its 4th anniversary December 24th! Post your KoS art to tumblr, bluesky, or mastodon and tag @crabbng to be entered in a giveaway for some KoS charms! Winners will be chosen on the anniversary.

New Products

News for December 2024

Darwin's Gumroad account has a variety of PDF's for your favorite Darwin Comics! The entire run of Gemutations: Plague can now be found there (And so much more!)

The Little Book of Panic

In a less than Christmas-y move (unless Christmas really stresses you out), 4LS will be posting pages from her new zine 'The Little Book of Panic' on the Spare Keys for Strange Doors website over December. CW for anxiety and negative self-talk.

Shop Update

New super cute and sparkly alien themed pride stickers have been added to Cosmignon's online shop, available in L, G, B, and T colors! This is the last shop update Cosmignon will be making for 2023, but she has big plans for 2024! Keep an eye out!

Comic Anniversaries

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