News for July 2023
July 1, 2023

News for July 2023

Kimmy is running a kickstarter campaign to print the first volume of Witch of Dezina! The campaign is currently working towards some stretch goals and will conclude on 7/20!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

News for July 2023

The Pirate Checklist is taking its annual summer break during July! Then, in August, Chapter 4 will begin!

Break time!

Jack Beloved will be on break for the month of July! It will return on August 1. In the meantime it is the perfect time to catch up on the Devil / Himbo adventure!

Comic Milestones

Ingress Chapter 8 Begins!

Ingress Adventuring Company latest chapter is starting off running! Now's the perfect chance to catch up to the latest arc filled with suspense, drama, and magic! New pages every Thursday, starting July 6th!

Honestly not a Robot is 5 years old

July 1st 2023 marks the 5th year anniversary of when the first version of the comic launched online in 2018! With over 250 pages of the current version, there's plenty of retail drama to get your teeth into! And more to come!

Miscellaneous News

New Playlist!

Mmmm may the good times roll. Get it? Like a dinner roll? Don't forget to take breaks and enjoy some good food in between working on comics! Featuring art from Honestly Not a Robot by Emma Thatcher

July Carousel Credits!

Summer beach header featuring Cabal from Only Half, Nikita from O Sarilho, Alynne from The Pirate Checklist, Damien from Brothers, Sam from Jack Beloved, Astyr and Rana from Sombulus and Sett from R.O.A.R.. Background and composition done by River of Sao and the Glow of Memories

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