News for August 2023
August 1, 2023

News for August 2023

Coming soon

New SF comics

Stay tuned this month for the unveiling of more SpiderForest comics. We're excited to announce our new members and share their diverse, imaginative stories with you!

Books and Merch

Shop reopened!

Maiji/Mary Huang's online shop has reopened for physical goods, including Now Recharging books, cute merch, and other zines, prints and more. Take a look!

Comic Milestones

DO's (pen)ultimate chapter

The Devil's Own returns from its chapter break with the penultimate chapter of the arc! Join Darwin for "Saying Goodbye" August 10th.

My August News

Sunbird starts Chapter 2, updating weekly on Wednesdays.

Keyspace anniversary

KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale is four years old! Celebrate its comic birthday by following the adventures of kids with wings for hair journeying deep into an underground lab...

Comic Returns

Jack Beloved is Back

Jack Beloved returns, now with updates once a week, every Tuesday! Come dive into Chapter 14, where things really start to heat up...

The Pirate Checklist returns!

The Pirate Checklist is returning from its summer break this month with the next chapter!

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