SpiderForest Tarot Spotlight Gallery
August 30, 2023

SpiderForest Tarot Spotlight Gallery

What's in the cards for you? Our amazing SpiderForest comic creators might have the self-reflection and guidance you seek! Explore the gorgeous art of 15 creators and readings from our mystical Spiderfriend with a special Tarot spotlight gallery!

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Reading 1

The Justice cards suggests imbalance, taking responsibility for your actions, or the need to weigh up a decision. Is there something internally or externally you would like to correct? An important question to answer? An adjustment that needs to be made? The Two of Cups implies this may concern a partnership between yourself and another person ... or it may be time to recognise and accept a part of yourself, and bring a greater balance to your inner world. This could be a challenge, but the Chariot card encourages you to give it a go! Whatever the result, this is a journey worth taking, and with commitment you can win through. Just remember to hold both successes and failures lightly, as results can fall outside our control - chance plays at least as big a part as our own choices.

Set 1

Credits: Justice by Max, The Chariot by Jewe11s, Two of Cups by Caroline

Reading 2

A time for new beginnings! The Fool card encourages you to start something new, embracing a childlike confidence and putting aside fears. In any new undertaking there will always be challenges, but you don't need to waste time imagining them in advance, especially if it means you never make a start! The Devil card reminds you to watch out for falling back into old habits and ways of thinking that might hold you back, and that coping mechanisms that might have served you well in the past can also keep you fixed in one place. The Six of Pentacles is a card of sharing, giving and receiving - to move forward, don't be afraid to ask for help, or to offer support and encouragement to others!

Set 2

Credits: The Fool by Nutty, The Devil by Shizamura, Six of Pentacles by Jacki

Reading 3

A pause for reflection, consideration and some self-care, before taking action. The Knight of Wands is ready for adventure, they are fired up and want to get out there! The Hanged Man, on the other hand, recommends taking a bit of time out first. It's a card of patience and trying to see things from a different perspective. Perhaps, before you charge in, it's worth getting some focus. What is your goal? What do you hope to get out of this? In between the two, the Ten of Cups is a card of contentment and welcome. It could be a valuable time to recognise the good things and people around you, or do some things you enjoy, before you take on a new challenge. Or it could represent a safe space - maybe even a safe space within yourself - where all feelings, both negative and positive, are welcomed. Be honest with, and kind to, yourself - and you might well get the guidance you need before setting out.

Set 3

Credits: The Hanged Man by Emma/Necrobatty, Ten of Cups by Maiji, Knight of Wands by Anje

Reading 4

Judgement is a card of resurrection and enlightenment - rising from your old self, or viewpoint, into a new level of understanding. It invites you to view the past with clear eyes, and then move onwards and upwards, discarding unnecessary baggage and carrying with you only what you need. Where are you headed? Well, the Sun says it's time for some energy and joy in your life! Maybe it will come from recognising what you already have, and just allowing yourself to bask in it for a while. Or maybe it's time to actively bring joy back, welcome it in, and seek out opportunities for light and fun. Either way, the Lovers card suggests it could involve a new or strengthening relationship with another person, or a healing union within yourself. It's time to leave your old self behind and embrace warmth, self-love and new knowledge.

Set 4

Credits: Judgement by Breen, The Sun by G, The Lovers by Toby

Reading 5

The Death card represents a big change in your life; the end of one stage, to make way for movement on to the next. The Moon and the Hermit suggests the need for some introspection to successfully navigate this change. The Moon is a card of mystery and confusion; it implies the way forward isn't clear to you. You may have to let go of your certainties, and instead engage with your instincts and a bit of dream logic - not everything is as it seems. Particularly, the Hermit suggests that now is a good time to withdraw from the influence of others, either physically or mentally. It can be hard to hear ourselves over the noise of the world, and there are always other people keen to tell us the 'best' path to take. It's worth taking some time to find your own guiding light, it will help you through this change, and the others that will surely come in the future.

Set 5

Credits: Death by Unusualjuggernaut, The Moon by Kai, The Hermit by Emma

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