News for October 2023
October 1, 2023

News for October 2023

Two amazing SpiderForest comics are coming to print with their second volumes! Grab both this month and support our artists!



Crowdfund Campaigns

Jack Beloved Kickstarter

On October 5th, Jack Beloved will launch its first Kickstarter to fund printing of Books 1 and 2! Check it out and pledge to help make these books possible!

Autumn Wing Chapter 2 Crowdfundr!

On October 4th, the Crowdfundr to get Autumn Wing Chapter 2 printed will be launching!

Inside the Library: Book Club

SF book club

Join us for a focused look at the webs weaved inside the SpiderForest webcomic library! This month we're reading Soul to Call by Rommie. The world has never been the same since the Fall...

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Keyspace hiatus

KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale will be going on hiatus due to technical difficulties! An announcement for return will be made once things resolve. Stay tuned!

Sombulus Act 11 Ends!

Sombulus Act 11 wraps up this month, and a new short originally published in the Creatures anthology explores Liesel and Reggie's trials at the DMV (Department of Monster Vehicles).

Arrhythmia Returns

Arrhythmia comes off hiatus this month! Chapter 4 begins on October 16th.

Brothers Return/Halloween Event

Brothers returns October 6th! This spotlight chapter features the Deacon. In addition, the Halloween event returns! Tread carefully throughout the month of October, as a virus has been detected! Can you find all the secret links?

Comic Anniversaries

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