News for May 2024
May 1, 2024

News for May 2024

SpiderForest creators certainly embraced Mermay! Characters from across the community donned their mersonas and joined in the beach party! From left to right Terry from Kaija's Quest of Casey Tailor, Gharr by Darth Biomech of Leaving the Cradle, Dick by Dingo of R.O.A.R., Cortez (AKA the Strayer) by Phin of Heirs of the Veil, Michael by Darwin from the comic of the same name, Marduk by Unusual Juggernaut of The Ferrin

New Products

Immortal Kickstarter

Threads: Immortal is our new anthology, filled with 16 tales of undying gifts and curses, gods and mortals and all those living in between and the beyond. Check us out at our Kickstarter!

SpiderForest at TCAF!

If you're in the Toronto area, stop on by the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) May 11 and 12 and say hello to our creators!

TCAF - Brandon

Look for Brandon Hankins at TCAF to get Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire Books 1 and 2, along with other amazing prints!

TCAF - Delphina

Look for Delphina at Delphinity Comics and Illustration for copies of Sombulus and her Dragons Being Weird Little Guys and Shark Friend Shenanigans books

TCAF - Varethane

Look for Ally Rom Colthoff at TCAF if you're looking to fill out your Chirault collection or check out her new work, including volume one of Wychwood!

TCAF - Kay

Look for Kay Rossbach at TCAF for books of Ingress Adventuring Company volumes 1 through 4, plus art prints, zines, stickers, and more!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Numb will go on a summer break!

The summer is here and after finishing chapter 13, Numb goes on small summer break. We will be back full force in august 2024!

Summer Break! (Hiatus/Guest Art)

Runaway Drakaina is taking a brief hiatus to take care of irl stuff this summer, looking for interested parties for guest art! Follow link to forum thread if interested 👍 guest art deadline June 1st

Read comics with our Book Club!

Book Club

We're reading and discussing Littlelight Asylum this month! Share your fanart and thoughts all month, and look for our voice chat in the SpiderForest Discord!

Comic Milestones

Sombulus turns 14!

Sombulus turns 14 in May! Dive into the archives this month to celebrate!

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