April 1, 2018

...Bring SpiderForest News!

No Foolin'! Spring is here! Things are heating up for our very busy story weavers! Check out all of the awesome projects, milestones, and anniversaries being celebrated in the month of April!

Spring Kickstarters!

[one_half position="first"] Fine Sometimes Rain is going to be launching a Kickstarter on April 18th to fund the printing of the first graphic novel! The first volume will contain the first seven chapters of this slice of life tale about overcoming depression for a total of 238 pages. It's a really nice slick book that would look great on your comic shelf. [/one_half] [one_half position="last"] James Nelson of Monster Lands has launched a Kickstarter to print physical books for Monster Lands vol.1. View the Kickstarter here


Get Your Copy Here!

[one_half position="first"] Christina Major of Sombulus will be at Silicon Valley Comic Con April 6-8! Stop by her table at Booth 131 and say hello! Realm of Owls has opened a merch shop! Dive into Owl Basket and find shirts, hoodies, paper art prints and other stuff staring at you while you shop. New designs will hatch into the basket every now and then, so be sure to stare at it intently. (ā˜‰vā˜‰) [/one_half] [one_half position="last"] As you know the YA webcomic Michael began back in January. The webcomic was supposed to be in conjunction with the novel's release. Only problem was, the novel wasn't ready... That has been remedied! And there is now a release date for the book! Be on the lookout on Darwin Comics for "Michael: The Cause" on April 16th, 2018! It will be available in print and Kindle formats! Contact Darwin in advance if you'd like a signed print copy! (You can click the contact button on any one of her webcomics!) [/one_half]
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Anniversaries and Milestones

Arbalest turns 2 years old on April 11th! Help her celebrate the occasion! Castoff just completed its 5th chapter, and has entered chapter 6! The trio continues their journey to the capital, but find themselves caught up in an unexpected conflict. Will they make it through the mountain pass unscathed? Now's the perfect time to catch up! [/one_half] [one_half position="last"]

Hiatus and Returns

*J-Nelson of Monster Lands will be taking a 6 week hiatus (April 9-May 21) while managing the kickstarter for volume one!

Hiatus + Fan Art Request!

*The Only Half Saga's current story arc Of Dhampirs and Warlocks is slated to come to its conclusion some time in the Summer of 2018. At that time, Darwin will be placing the title on hiatus with a relaunch date of October 4th, 2018. This is to give her time to plan, revamp the site, and get a good buffer of pages before starting into the newest story arc, "The Devil's Own." She's calling on all TOHS fans for help filling the months between hiatus and relaunch! If you would like to provide fan art, fan comics, or even fan fictions please contact her through any of her sites! [/one_half]

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