August 1, 2015

SpiderForest News for August!

Spiderforest Summer Application Season is now OPEN!

Applications will be accepted from August 1st - 22nd. If you have a long form comic or comic strip and would like to join a small supportive community of like-minded creators now is your opportunity! Please check out our application page for more about what we offer and how to apply. Good luck to all who apply! [one_fourth position="first"]banner_brothersmartin[/one_fourth] [one_fourth position="middle"]
The Brothers Martin: In the Beginning By D. D. Randall, creator of The Only Half Saga and Gemutations: Plague August 1st The Brothers Martin: In the Beginning went live on Amazon and Createspace! The short jaunt up the road to Steve's soon to be in laws turns tragic when the brothers are run off the road. They should have died in the ravine that night. But they didn't, and so their nightmare begins.
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Coloring Book: Fairies, Nymphs & Witches By Mónica N. Galván, creator of MoonSlayer The coloring book Fairies, Nymphs & Witches is out on Amazon, in regular and the new pocket edition. This book for all ages reunites ink linearts from Enchanted Visions, MoonSlayer side characters and exclusive art never seen before!

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What it Takes begins its final climactic chapter in August. Jump on board now for guaranteed blood, guts, and good old fashioned vengeance. The Sundown Boys has officially begun its first ever reboot! Read it from the beginning and enjoy the brand new art. dream*scar returns from hiatus this month! Due to health issues involving the creator's drawing hand, updates may come more slowly than before. Sunset Grill will celebrate its seventh anniversary on August 4th!

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