SpiderForest News for February!
February 1, 2021

SpiderForest News for February!

Header art: Valentine SpiderFriend by Christina Major of�Sombulus!

Love is in the air! Give your favorite webcomics likes, shares, and comments and let them feel the love this month!  Or keep an eye on our Comic of the Week promotion and get matched with a new favorite!

Comics of the Week kicks off February 1st and runs through the week of March 28th! Stop by�SpiderForest�or your favorite participating comics and check out the awesome array of genres and stories that are available in�SpiderForest! We hope you come away with some more to love!

Crowdfunding for February!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is taking its FINAL book to print! But it can only get there with your help! Back and spread the word about the Kickstarter! 

Chapter 24: Firewall will also be starting Feb 1st! And Monday Feb 22nd, there will be a special stream for XII's 5th anniversary at noon EST. See you there!

Find new webcomics and new tunes!

The theme of our Spotify playlist for January was 'Grand Travelling Adventures!' and we came up with 91 songs about travel by land, sea, sky and space! Cover art is from Terrafold by kirseel.
Follow us on Spotify for more music every month!

New Chapters Underway!

Alethia chapter 14 will be released! This chapter will be the climax and ending of the Narrative Factory story arc.

Now Recharging�Chapter 9 begins this month! With the retirement of the previous star gladiatorbot, a brand-new challenger prepares to step into the Red Dust Arena...

Court of Roses�is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary on February 5th! Thank you so much to all our readers for the love and support!

Once the current chapter, "Notte", is done, the next arc will take place in Calcin, a vast city of commerce and study, and has lots of chances for cameos in crowd shots! Please fill out this form if you're interested in a cameo in Court of Roses!

Be Back Soon!

Darwin Comics will be going on chapter breaks beginning March 1st for Michael and sometime mid-March for The Devil's Own! Darwin would love to show off your guest art while she is preparing for the new chapters! If interested please contact her on one or the other comics!

Lateral will be finishing Chapter 2 on February 3rd! After that it'll be on break before beginning Chapter 3 in mid/late March.

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