June News!
June 1, 2021

June News!

News about summer breaks, new chapters, book releases and tunes... and our annual member application season!

Miscellaneous News

Application Season starting soon!

It's almost here! Our summer application season starts June 7. Be sure to get all the details from our Apply Page

Latest playlist - May

May's playlist theme was 'Families of All Kinds' - whether they're close-knit or distant, formed by blood or found through shared experience, our members found music to match! Cover art from Michael by Darwin

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Guest Comic Call

Fighting Dreamers- Defenders of Dreamworlds, is looking for guest comics and art all throughout June. They will be put into reserve and saved for off weeks when the author has trouble updating because of their new job and incoming Con Crunch

Obscurato is back with new pages

Volume 2 of Obscurato begins. Dionisia let the extent of her abilities show at the end of Volume 1. There is no way that amount of damage goes unnoticed. Will she be able to outrun those trying to find her? Find out as new pages are released.


For the next two years, Gnorf will be on hiatus as the artist wrestles in the purgatory of graduate studies. In the mean time, the available first three issues are complete!

Comic Milestones

Sombulus Turns 11!

Sombulus turned 11 last month! Check out the Sombulus patreon for a special anniversary wallpaper!

Black Market Magic Chapter 7

Black Market Magic has finished its 6th Chapter, and will be launching its 7th very soon! This also means volume 2 will be in print later this year. Find out how Kim will cope now that her cover is blown...

Court of Roses June Interlude!

The current chapter, "Notte," wraps up on June 10th! There will be a 3-week interlude, showing off lore for the comic, and then Court of Roses returns on July 5th with a new chapter, "Calcin, Act 1"!

New chapter will be written...

Something strange has appeared in the city of Buffet. Can you solve the puzzle and find out what's to come next in the Realm of Owls webcomic?


Gemutations Vol 4 Gumroad June 15

Darwin is releasing her fourth volume of Gemutations: Plague on PDF! Stop by her Gumroad Store on June 15 to get one step closer to completing your collection!

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