News for September 2021
September 1, 2021

News for September 2021

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As the season begins to turn, SpiderForest Creators have lots to share!

Crowdfund Campaigns

Millennium: Volume one Kickstarter

To celebrate Millennium's 4th anniversary, I am kickstarting a print run of volume 1! Enjoy all 228 pages of updated (and new!) art in a comfortable 8.3x5.8 inch book. Launches September 9th!

Puppeteer is on Kickstarter!

A Kickstarter to print the complete volume of Puppeteer will be launching on September 3rd, 2021.

Convention Appearances

News for September 2021

Sophie is exhibiting at the virtual ComicInvasion Berlin this year. Visit her "table" to get a discount code for her online store! And while you're there, maybe you'll find more comic creators to follow too.

Miscellaneous News

August Playlist

August's playlist theme was 'Hopeful Desperation' - over 100 songs for those dramatic scenes on the knife-edge between hope and despair. Cover art from Children of Shadow: Ashes by Lee Colagiacomo

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Leaving the Cradle goes on a hiatus

Due to various reasons, Leaving the Cradle is going on a hiatus for about a month or two. We'll see you soon!

Ingress Chapter 6 Begins!

Ingress Adventuring Company has just started its next chapter! Check out the newest story: The Beast Cave.

The Devil's Own Chapter Break

Cabal needs a break and so does Darwin! The Devil's Own will take a chapter break after August 26 in preparation for the latest chapter "The Heart of the Matter" on September 16th. Guest art incoming!

Comic Milestones

Now Recharging ch10 end

Now Recharging Chapter 10 "Aware" wraps up the Shining Prince's story this month, making a perfect opportunity to enjoy the full arc. Writing poetry, reading books and remembering dear ones... What will our robots come away with at the end of it all?

Conclusion of Narrative Factory arc

Chapter 14 of Alethia ended this month, bringing the multi-chapter story arc, Narrative Factory, to a conclusion.

Act 1 Complete

Now is the perfect time to jump into Jack Beloved as we begin Chapter 8 - join us and experience the first complete arc of Sam and Wick's journey together!

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