News for November 2021
November 1, 2021

News for November 2021

Spiderfriend enjoys spending cool fall nights with their collection of friends. Join them and cozy up with some warm autumn reading!

New Comic Spotlights Every Week

Comics of the Week Part 2 Underway!

Comics of the Week 21 Part 2 kicked off on October 18th and will run through December 5th! Stop by your favorite participating SpiderForest Comic or check out the home page for the week's spotlights!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Requiem Returns

Requiem returns this month with our newest story! 'Silence' picks up one month after the end of the world as the survivors come together to rebuild...and kill the people responsible.

News for November 2021

O Sarilho is coming back from its break with a new interlude chapter that brings a nostalgic look into the characters (and into the website).

Honestly not a Robot: Dec hiatus

After working so hard on new chapter 3 pages, Honestly not a Robot will be going on hiatus from December for a couple months! I'm opening a call for any retail themed guest works to be featured in the meantime! Closes Dec 10th! Thanks for reading!

Root & Branch Book Six Begins!

Root & Branch is back with the start of Book Six. After a dark, cold winter, Ariana is continuing on her journey! Is an easier, safer road ahead of her now that she knows which way to go?

Leaving the Cradle resumes!

After a two month hiatus, Leaving the Cradle is back with regular posting schedule .

Spooky Music

SF Playlist completed Oct 2021

There is Something Deeply Unsettling and Wrong and Horrifying Going on. And I'm... I'm too scared to turn around... Our playlist for eerie themes features art from Arbalest by Kai Alexander!

Comic Anniversaries

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