Suggest a similar music group!

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It's simple really - you want to get more music like that one track you really liked but it's an outlier in the band's usual style. So try to ask for advice here! Maybe us spiders would be able to help?
  • Interesting premise! I thought this was an association thing. So like if I said Imagine Dragons the next person would drop a group who has similar vibes.
  • Love the idea, let’s do it!
  • Ooooh ooh, I'll go!

    Guster - Fall in Two
    This is a song I found years ago and it's been the Official Tenge Song in my brain ever since. Love the energetic acoustic guitar and the bongo drums, but the band's future direction didn't really go with this. Help me out!

    (As a note, Alyssa has enabled YouTube and Spotify embed code here so you can drop samples of your picks like so)