I have a whole chapter I want to upload! I don't know how to upload it!

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I need to get this done!

Also, I don't even know how to do that whole website for my comic! do I do it in browser or what's going on?

I haven't ever learned code! please tell me I don't need code!
  • ....

    Am I not allowed to post this here?!

    Like...how do I do this without Coding!?
  • Good Evening Kevin... We have replied to your email but I am putting the response here as well to ensure it gets to you in a timely fashion.

    We want to be sure that we're addressing your question correctly.

    Are you attempting to apply for SpiderForest Membership? If you are, the form is not yet open for submissions. That will happen on June 10th. As stated in the FAQ, your application comic needs to have some form of online presence. You can upload your chapter to a number of free hosting sites such as Comic Fury, Tapas, Webtoon, The Duck, etc. You will be able to submit sample pages once the form opens, but our members need to experience your webcomic by interacting with it.

    If you are attempting to host here, that is reserved for accepted members of the application process. We are not a open hosting site, I'm sorry.

    Please let us know if this clarifies your troubles, or if you need more detailed help.