Themed Art Drop

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We do this on discord, but I know how quickly things can get buried there!

I thought it might be fun to start up a round of art drops here on our brand new hub!

I'd kind of like to do a themed art drop so I was thinking that we start off with a theme.

Let's Say


So then the person who follows would post an image that ties with that theme.

That person then says "Same" if they want the next post to be of the same theme, or "Change: _______________" And drop a new Theme for the next person to follow with!

Let's see some amazing artwork! 👀

I'll kick us off with my example theme:

AM Coverjpg.jpg
Anger Management is going to be the second book in my Michael story line! Michael struggles with an ever stronger inability to control high emotions.

So for this first theme, I would like to continue with the Anger theme! Show me your characters angry, upset, frustrated, or otherwise out of sorts! (so SAME)