What is Your Favorite Pastime?

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Hi all! I know we have a few new faces in here and a lot of familiar faces.

So I would like to propose a bit of a discussion about favorite pastimes. So beyond your comic work, what do you like to do? This can be another hobby, this can be your favorite way to relax, etc!

I can't wait to see what you guys say!

  • My regular activities are my weekly roleplaying game (usually D&D, but not always), and playing Arkham Horror the Card Game with my husband.
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    Sounds fun.

    I've tried D&D and similar roleplaying games. They were fun but didn't really stick for me.
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    I love the board game version of Arkham Horror!
  • My favourite pastimes are video games (especially RPGs and puzzle games), writing, and occasionally sculpting. I also devour novels. I read a wide variety of books, but my favourite genres are fantasy and talking animals. Lately I’ve been getting interested in modding my game consoles. I mostly softmod, but I want to learn more about the hardware side.
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    I love logic games! One of the few video games I can go back to over and over again is Portal because it requires puzzle solving.
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    Oooh, yes, I love logic games, too! Both in video games and pen-and-paper. Some of my favourites are Sudoku and Picross (aka nonograms), but I play a wide variety of puzzlers. :D
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    I even love puzzles themselves. :) I've not heard of Picross... Interesting.
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    Games are my primary vice as well: I favor narrative driven games, so Adventure; RPG and Platformers are my favorites. I also soft mod my consoles when the after market gets insane and have found it very satisfying to curate libraries on those consoles
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    Oh for sure, it’s so hard to collect older games, especially now that games are becoming digital. I recently bought a DSi off ebay and hacked it so I could install all my old favourite DSiWare I’d decrypted so I could play them on the original hardware again. I never hack consoles that are still supported because it’s messy and I’d prefer not to get banned from online, but I enjoy cracking open older systems and seeing just how much I can do with them.
  • Haha, sounds like we've got some similar hobbies going on. I'm a huge DnD nerd, and I also read and write prose fiction (mostly fantasy and sci-fi). I'm currently reading Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi and the best book I've read this year is The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin. I've got the next two books in the trilogy on my shelf, and I can't wait to get into them. I also play video games, but mostly older games for nostalgia purposes. My SNES from 1995 is still in great working order!
  • Ooooh, I just finished that trilogy by Jemisin! SO INTENSE. (The SNES is also a classic!)
  • Nice! I also love Science Fiction (both to read and to write!) My favorite authors of Sci-Fi are classics though! Andre Norton, Alan Dean Foster, a bit of Heinlen, Joan Vinge, Anne McCafferey.
  • Hi all!
    I have tons of hobbies/pastimes so I'll try not to write an essay about it!

    One of the other majors that takes up my time is writing. I write mostly in the science fiction, urban fantasy, supernatural, and horror categories. I was writing novels before I ever started working webcomics.

    I'm also pretty outdoorsy. I love to fish the ocean (grew up on it). I also hunt, hike, camp.

    More recently I got back into both crocheting and leather working!
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    You have such a wide breadth of hobbies and experiences, and I loved seeing your leather projects on Discord :D
  • Ooh thanks for starting this thread Darwin! It's so interesting to see what people do outside of comics!
    Hmmm... okay, outside of illustration/visual arts, creative writing etc. which overlaps a lot with the comicking, some other things I enjoy include:

    - Eating 😂 I'm not very good in the kitchen but I looove trying new foods. I definitely was one of those people who spam food photos on the instagram back when going to restaurants was a regular thing. (Sorry!)

    - Learning languages. I mostly dabble but I find it so fun to think about the wonders of all the different ways we communicate. Sometimes I even attempt to translate things. Currently I'm working on improving my Japanese on Duolingo and taking some ASL (American Sign Language) classes!

    - Tea and ceramics. I love tea bowls and whisking matcha. I also have a soft spot for oolong teas! And I love bubble tea!! I have taken a couple of ceramics workshops but mostly I appreciate them!

    - Buddhist studies. My main practice/focus is Mahayana Buddhism. I enjoy learning from many traditions, and I find it very personally enriching and nourishing from both a practical perspective (mindfulness, meditation and so on), and also a creative one (history and culture, cosmology and mythology, etc.)

    - Fountain pens and inks. I love creating art and writing with them! I have a particular weakness for neutrals that split into unexpected colours and inks with interesting names. By extension I'm also a sucker for stationery supplies like stickers, washi tape, oh nooo...

    - Collecting mokuhanga/Japanese woodblock prints and rocks and minerals. Very modest collections, mostly I enjoy learning about and looking at them. In a similar vein, other pet subjects include paper (especially handmade and decorative), and the Tale of Genji 😍🥰
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    Nice! You've got a lot going on there and all of it sounds fun!!
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    *high-fives for tea and ceramics*
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    Yesss tea and ceramics... I want to go teaware shopping so much and hold things in my hands 😭
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    Oooh tea! I'm slowly trying to get into fancier teas, I got one of those tea strains for loose leaf teas the other day and felt very fancy :) one day i hope to be on your level lol
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    Aww thank you! I definitely feel like a dabbler in everything I've listed, hahaha. If you ever have questions or just wanna chat about tea, you can poke me :D It's so fun!
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    Wow nice you are busy!! How do you got time for all this?? ?
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    Ahahaah well 2/8 involve eating (drinking) which I have to do anyways and 5/8 are passions that tie into my interests/research with my creative projects so it kind of all piggybacks together! And some of them help with relaxing/managing stress which is :D
  • I have a fair amount of hobbies. I don't count other art and writing stuff, since neither of those things are as much a hobby as the main things I do...

    So, yeah, that aside: roleplaying gaming (D&D, MERP, occasional other systems); computer gaming (mostly RPGs, but also some RTSs, shooters, racing games, and puzzle games); karting; reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy); biking; hiking and kayaking when I can; board gaming (although I haven't managed to do this much lately); historical martial arts (particularly German longsword, sword and shield, and lately knife); watching hockey and motosport (F1, IndyCar, WEC, Formula E, F2, etc.); photography; and some day I'd like to get back into doing more theatre. I used to act, direct shows, and do lighting and sound design, but it's been quite a while now since I did any of that. I also like listening to music (varieties of metal, mostly).
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    Wow you've got a lot going on there!
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    Oooh such a diverse list. And whoa, historical martial arts, very badass! And lighting and sound design sounds so neat!
  • OOo this is cool! Everyone does such interesting stuff!! I'll be honest the vast majority of my free time goes into art of some form, but apart from specifically comics, I used to do a lot of artist alleys and now that conventions are starting up again I've been tryna prep for that.

    I'm really into houseplants! like I probably have 50+ lol, and taking care of them is like some weird indirect self care routine if that makes sense hahah. I like learning how to propagate them.

    I do some rec leagues with friends but am painfully bad at sports. We're currently playing softball and have a fun 0-4 record, but we're gonna do beach volleyball soon so hopefully that'll be our redemption arc.
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    Oh my gosh artist alley feels like a whole lifetime ago now... u-u But imagining and planning for them can be so fun! (and stressful... but also fun... lol)

    Wow, 50+ houseplants!! That's amazing! Are they all different kinds of plants, or do you have certain ones you gravitate more towards/find more your style? I'm very bad with taking care of things, but I have so many friends and family who are into plants, and I am quite fascinated by everything that goes into creating a living space with them!
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    Houseplants are such a great thing to have, they are the easiest way to spruce a place up as long as you take care of them! Its something I definitely want to get into!

    I also tried sports but man I was so bad I didnt show up again (also due to Covid - they started another season but its too soon) GOOD LUCK ON YOUR REDEMPTION ARC!!
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    I also love houseplants. Used to have a huge collection before I moved, but had to give it away. I’m starting over now.
  • The comic itself IS my main hobby, I don't have a lot of time for other things since I still got a day job. Hopefully that will change one day. The reality for me is the comic is a job ( a great one) and my work feels more like a distraction from it.

    When I can I love to make art for the patron page (We have a whole 18+ section), go to the gym and hang with friends. I am about to be even busier as we are going to jump into homeownership which.. that's a whole hobby it itself with all the upkeep. I also love traveling and trying new foods, but thats only now and then. I'm excited to visit Ohio soon to see friends!

    I can get into videogames sometimes, and I love animated movies and cartoons. But again, I have so little time. :(
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    As a long time homeowner I can vouch! I can also vouch for the absolute awesome feeling when that final mortgage payment goes through and the deed is yours! WOOTS!

    Animated movies I find I'm kinda picky about? I loved Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke for instance but Kiki's Delivery Service did nothing for me. I think what it is, I am into darker more adult themes and if things get too cutsie I can't do it.
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    I can respect that. I see for some people the whole medium of animation being a hang up for them, even if the story is something they would enjoy.
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    I've seen some amazing animated movies, and they can do some things with animation that would be supremely difficult and expensive in live action. Oh, I also really liked Attack on Titan... and would really love to see a new season sometime soon.
  • I tend to fall in and out of hobbies on a whim. >>

    The ones I'm most consistent with are video games (particularly narrative video games, been playing since the Sega Genesis/SNES days), animated films, and drawing/writing.

    I also code. For those that don't know, I built this website more or less from scratch!

    Things I dabble with are making my own games (here's one: https://ayemae.github.io/RightAngles/ ), playing the piano/writing music, and baking/cooking.
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    And you did a wonderful job bringing our various corners into one room! :)

    I've played that right angles game! It was pretty fun!
  • It’s hard to remember what my hobbies are. I think plants were a hobby but I had to give them all away for my international move last year. Some of them were close to ten years old, too. Many aspects of my life are like this. Something that was my hobby last year, I no longer have a way to pursue.

    I’m not sure if cooking counts as a hobby since it’s also a necessity, but I like trying to make new dishes.

    Tea art. I have some training, a good setup, and way too many ceramics. But this is difficult to pursue outside of China.

    Walking in the woods. Having lunch outside when the weather’s nice.

    Video games. For the past year I’m almost exclusively playing Touhou games. They really won me over with the fast pace, the difficulty, and the music.

    Oh music! I put a lot of effort into searching for new music and learning about music history. I also like to just listen to an album all the way through, without doing anything else at the same time.
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    That's a very diverse set of hobbies! Sorry to hear that some are harder to maintain in your new country.