Personalizing Grawlix Icons (favicon.ico)

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Hey all, I'm necro'ing this from the Old Forums, because there are a few sites I'm seeing that still retain the trademark Grawlix G in their tab icons.

I hope it helps!

There are a growing number of people who are using Grawlix as their Comic Management System.

I wanted to share this tip (As I'm building a grawlix site), for those who want to change their icon (the image that shows in the tab on a browser) from the Standard GRAWLIX G to a custom icon.

So before you begin set up a template with even dimensions (100x100 works beautifully). Find the art that you want to make an icon out of and put it into your template. Be sure it's something that is easily identifiable at a small size (many icons exist at 10x10px). A bold letter on a colored background, a clear piece of art, or a single character would work best.

Once you have it made you'll want to save it as a gif or a jpg at 10x10px with the title favicon.

From there you will have to change the name of the extension from .jpg or .gif to .ico (I've had to do this in my FTP uploader because my file manager wasn't having it)

Once done with that process you'll need to do the following to find the icon you want to replace.

Go to your Grawlix files. Open assets/system/favicon and upload your new favicon.ico to overwrite the one that exists in the folder.

Now you have a personalized favicon that everyone will see in the tabs of their browsers!

If you have questions about this process please feel free to comment or contact me by DM!
  • '.ico' is its own filetype that isn't one-to-one with .gif, .jpg/.jpeg or .png, so I wouldn't recommend just changing the extension and calling it a day. There are a lot of websites you can use to convert any of those filetypes to a .ico file for free, such as the one I'll list below -- I'd advise that you do that instead.

    Site to convert image files into a .ico file:

    Here's more information about .ico files:
    [* Note: a single .ico file can actually hold an image at different sizes/dimensions to accommodate whatever size icon is needed.]

    I would also recommend changing all of files within 'assets/system/favicon' to your custom icon (though it isn't a big deal if you just leave Grawlix's default icons), but make sure you keep the file pixel dimensions (height/width) and filenames the same! The other icons in that folder include mobile browser icons, and some legacy system icons.
  • Huh... never had a problem with it... :/
  • Here is another resource that you can use to convert your images to ico's