News for May 2023
May 1, 2023

News for May 2023

Maypole dance featuring: Bell from KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale by eliushi; Jayoda and Ariana from Root and Branch by Pink Pitcher; Amenytha from Tuppence for Stardust by Anje Saturnalis; Merlow from Court of Roses by Kelsey "Nutty" Peterson; Effire and Morgen from Tamuran by Aron Fitzgerald

Application Season is on Its Way!

App season is coming!

Are you a webcomic creator who wants to join SpiderForest? Our application season starts up June 4! Visit our application page for more information about what we're looking for this year!

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SpiderForest on Ko-Fi

All of SpiderForest's past anthologies are now available for purchase on our Ko-Fi shop!

Brothers Shop Update

Two vinyl sticker sets have just dropped in the Brothers official shop! Stick your favorite characters onto various surfaces! There're also Gargoyle enamel pins too! Check them out!

TCAF 2023 Digital Marketplace

Physical TCAF may be over, but you can still find Maiji/Mary Huang and Now Recharging books and more in the TCAF Digital Marketplace to May 7!

Eliushi at TCAF Digital Marketplace

Eliushi's artbooks are in TCAF'S Digital Marketplace through May 7th!

Comic Returns

Ghost of Light

Ghost of Light joins SpiderForest with a new site design launch! In a world where ghosts walk amongst the living, an old exorcist has a mission to purge them all, but not everything is as it seems.

News for May 2023

Leaving the Cradle has returned from hiatus! Read several new pages!

Comic Milestones

Sombulus Turns 13!

Sombulus is celebrating its 13th anniversary this month!

Michael Chapter Break

Michael's current chapter, The Board, wraps up mid-May, which means that the title will be taking a chapter break until early June! Stay tuned to Darwin Comics for details!

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