News for November 2023
November 1, 2023

News for November 2023

We're at Thought Bubble UK!


Thought Bubble takes place November 11-12 in Harrogate, England! Be sure to visit all our SpiderForest members and check out our handy map to find everyone!

Thought Bubble - HofV

Visit SeaquentialArt at Bubbleboy Hall H3 and get volumes 1 and 2 of Heirs of the Veil!

Thought Bubble - 4LS

Visit Dstlry Hall A21 to get your copy of Spare Keys For Strange Doors and Lucy's new zine 'The Little Book of Panic'!

Thought Bubble - Jabbage

Visit Jabbage at Bubbleboy Hall D4 to get your copy of The Wyrm Turns!

Thought Bubble - SF

Our main SpiderForest table at Bubbleboy Hall B1 will feature comics from the creators of Black Market Magic, Alethia, and Back o' Beyond, plus our SpiderForest comic anthologies!

More comics at Thoughtbubble UK!

Necrobatty of Honestly not a Robot and Shizamura of O Sarilho are sharing a table at Dstlry A20! They'll have books, prints and all sorts of cool stuff!

SpiderForest Book Club - Arrhythmia

SpiderForest Book Club

We're reading and discussing Arrhythmia this month! Join our Discord chat November 26 to share your fanart and thoughts, and see more details on the Hub!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Darwin Comics Hiatus 2023

Due to anticipated circumstances, Darwin hasn't been able to keep a buffer up. So she's going on hiatus until November 13th! This affects both Michael and The Devil's Own. She thanks you for your understanding.

A Big Revamp

Work is being done on innovative features for the return of Asequential Art: Responsive comic panels, multi-language support, infinite-canvas format, and much more. Some are already up and working and others will be added through November.

Comic Anniversaries

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