News for June 2023
June 1, 2023

News for June 2023

SpiderForest characters take to the streets with Pride! Featuring characters from Honestly Not a Robot!, R.O.A.R., Sunbird, Tamuran, O Sarilho, Clover and Cutlass, Jack Beloved, and Court of Roses

Application season is here!

SpiderForest Opening for Applicatio

Are you an indie webcomic creator looking to join an awesome collective? Our application season is opening June 4th to June 30th! Check our Apply page for all the details!

New Playlist!

May 2023 Spotify Playlist

Another day doing that thing you have to do. It might seem like a grind (just like making comics, amirite?), but you just might find a spot of magic! Featuring art from Brothers by Breen

Comic News

News for June 2023

The author of Brothers is headed back to college! Guest art submissions are now open for fall, including limited slots for commissioning artists and fanart! Fill out the form to apply!

New Storyline

Kinder des Lich returns from a short break with the start of a new storyline in early June!

Michael Returns!

Michael updates resume on June 5th, with the latest chapter "Secrets!" Michael attends the Rally, but might get more than he bargained for!

Arrhythmia Chapter 3 Complete

Chapter 3 of Arrhythmia is complete! The comic will be taking a break before delving deeper into intrigue, secrets, and irresponsible property damage. Chapter 4 begins updating on October 16th.

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