News for June 2024
June 1, 2024

News for June 2024

Celebrate Pride Month with us and read LGBTQ+ comics from across the spectrum! Featured in this banner are: Nicki from Kinder des Lich by Lego, Ax from Steamgear Inc. by snuffysam, Bon from Kings of Sorts by Jacki, Ulbolsin from R.O.A.R. by Dingo, Jane from Runaway Drakaina by Cosmignon, Iro from True Colors by Tripp, Jolene from Clover & Cutlass by Toby, and Jackie from Tuppence for Stardust by Anje. Check out our Pride Month tag for more!

SpiderForest Application Season

News for June 2024

It's time! SpiderForest will be opening up our summer application season from June 10-30! We're looking forward to reviewing all your great webcomics! Check out our application page for more details!

Crowdfund Campaigns

Castoff Volume 1 Kickstarter

Castoff is currently crowdfunding for its first ever print edition! Back the project to be among the first to get a copy of the book, along with other exclusive goodies!

New Chapters

Chapter 5 starts June 3rd!

The next chapter of the Chronicles of Oro starts June 3rd! The gang has decided to re-assess their plans and seek out a second opinion while Juniper wishes she lived in more 'precedented' times.

KoS Episode 12!

Kings of Sorts returns June 6th with the start of Episode 12!

Leaving The Cradle's hiatus en

Leaving The Cradle has ended the hiatus and the 6th chapter of the comic has begun.

Comic Milestones and Hiatuses

Tamuran hits 700 pages

Tamuran posts its 700th page on June 14! The story has come a long way since the fateful night when two princes made a pact with an ancient enemy and a lost elf met a peculiar wanderer on a dark city street. Here's to many more pages to come.

The Pirate Checklist June News!

The Pirate Checklist will take its annual summer break for July-August. Posting will resume at the beginning of September.

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