Application dates?

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Wassup! I was gonna apply for the application thingy but I'm 99% sure I don't have enough comic content yet, I'm set to release the 2nd chapter (30 pages) in a couple days but even then I don't think the story would be established enough to consider. There's a couple things related to that like the dark themes which are planned to be more prevalent later in the story, not later in the story yet :/

so in short I just wanted to know when applications open again if anyone could tell me.

Also I'm new HAIII :P.
  • Welcome Mechode! Our current application season is open until June 30 this year, and we typically open once a year for applications every June. There's more information about the minimum page requirements here, but it is true that we do like to get a general sense of where the comic is going, so if you feel more comfortable waiting until next year more stuff kicks in, that's fine too!
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    Thanks a ton! I'll stick around until then :D