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Hello and Welcome to SpiderForest!

This thread is for any of our new (or old) members to come in and make quick introductions! Feel free to drop a link to any projects you may have in the works and tell us a bit about yourself!
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  • I will kick us off as well. I'm Darwin one of the Administrators/Moderators here on Spiderforest. I have been a member creator since 2011.

    I have three long form comics (two active, one complete) Michael, The Only Half Saga, and Gemutations: Plague. They can all be seen on my Webcomics Hub Darwin Comics

    In addition to webcomics, I love to write (16 books published and counting), hike, fish, hunt, and lots of other outdoorsy things!

    Glad to meet you all!
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    Yo! I'm Astral, nice to meet you all!

    I have one comic I'm updating weekly on Webtoon called Eclipse! I'm currently in the process of posting everything I've got here!

    I also like playing games and writing books, although I do less of that now, due to drawing.
  • Welcome Astral! :D And boy do I understand and appreciate the doing less of other things for drawing, and keeping up with weekly updates on a webcomic. Best of luck on Eclipse!!
  • I love writing novels myself! What genre do you write in?
  • Hi Darwin!
    I'm new to the SpiderForest space, but I'm excited to be here.

    I currently am working on my comic, Murphy's Law, which I have on both Tapas and Webtoon. When I'm not working on my comic, I tend to game, write novel projects, and snuggle with my pet hedgehog Ollie.
  • Oooo a fellow novelist! WHOOP! And you have a pet hedgehog! Wow that's pretty cool!
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    A novelist only in theory at the moment haha, still working out plotlines to fit with the details and worldbuilding.
    And having a hedgie is pretty cool! He's been deemed one of the friendliest hedgehogs by his vet, which is pretty rare when they tend to have grumpy personalities.
  • HEH we all start someplace! Mine was back in the eighties so I've had lots of practice by this point!
  • Nice to meet you, Miss Monocle! Ollie - what a perfect name for a hedgehog, and a perfect companion for someone named Miss Monocle :D
  • had to make a new account because past me was too smart and made their account too secure to get into :' ) oh well, sup everyone, I'm Uzuki, I've been drawing webcomics for way too long now, it took me 7 years to finish this one and we're now 15 episodes into the sequel so that's pretty much all I do when I'm not doing my day job as a tattoo artist or raiding in FF XIV.

  • Heh.... alot of people are having issues reviving their old accounts here! But welcome back!
  • Hello (again?) Reaper! Ahhh I feel you, I also hate making new accounts on sites so thank you for going through that to join us... and oh my gosh, seven years AND a sequel, I tip my hat to you! Keep those fires burning!! And ooh, that's so interesting that you work as tattoo artist!
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    Darwin was thankfully able to help me get my hands on my old account so now I just have a lil' doppelganger sitting in the closet LOL Thanks for the warm welcome back ! <3 The series still has a long way to go but I'm definitely not shying away from the challenge 😘 And yesss I fell into it back in 2018 and it's what I've been doing ever since, I love it so much! Allows for a much healthier work life balance (and gives me more time to work on my comic stuff huehuehuehue)
  • Hello, I’m Sage. I’m new-new here.
    I’m currently scripting/drawing the pages for my comic called Joys that I’ll start posting once I have a bigger going.
    IRL, I work as a custom picture framer. I also have two cats and a dog who think that I give them no treats or food or love ever.
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    Hi Sage and welcome to the Hub! What's the premise of your story?
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    Hi and thank you!

    Here's the premise:

    After moving to a new town in an attempt to reset his life, a disparaged, young man is at the crossroads of delving into the unsolved mysteries of the town to find out who he really is or following the footsteps of his father and having to keep looking over his shoulder for a sense of normalcy.

    This is going to be my first actual webcomic. I got really excited that y'all offer feedback for both members and nonmembers of SpiderForest, and that was a big reason why I joined.
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    Welcome to SpiderForest, Sage, and nice to see you here and on the Discord too! "Joys" as a title combined with the description you shared sounds particularly intriguing... wishing you all the best in your first webcomic, and look forward to seeing what you share! :D
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    Sounds pretty interesting! Definitely stop by the critique thread when you're ready (or the webcomic Clinic on the discord) whenever you're ready for some feedback! (keep in mind we're in the middle of our app season, so I can't guarantee the quickest reponse times.
  • s'craic! i'm anje and i'm one of those people who stares at place for eons before actually joining in. so uh. what is up i writedraw a comic about weird fairy girls (when my cat isn't in the way), think too hard about deep lore, make dolls, and play black mage (badly). you look nice today. hello.
  • Hi Numi, and thank you, you look very nice today too :D (Your avatar is really lovely!) So glad you made the jump to join us, and I definitely hear you on staring at places for forever before inching forward a little bit... I definitely did that with SpiderForest too before I signed up on the forums and then the Discord, haha. I also appreciate the unintentional hobby of Thinking Too Hard. Making dolls sounds very neat - may I ask what kind? And are there any places we can see your dolls online?
  • Hello and welcome!
  • Hi everyone ! I am Dylan Mooi. My project is "Green Glow".

    The webcomic is 76 Chapters long, about two ladies looking for answers and dealing with monthly attempts on their lives as random idiots and assassins pop up. Green Glow has science fiction themes. I'm mostly active on twitter (username: TheJemPowered ). I have been trying to get noticed, screaming at the top of my lungs for twitter and instagram for 7 years and now receiving my 2nd shadowban on DeviantArt, for being political. Yay me ....

    I work in DAZ 3D mostly, some Blender. If I can get a new computer - Unreal 5.

    95% of my story is centered on a Mountain town of 9000 people in the province of British Columbia, Canada. I have hundreds of renders of the characters along with story arcs. The two main characters is Rineke Gretzky and Nycola Ongoro. Partial list of other characters include Cello, Dini along with Ignate and Ralph Kirk.
  • Hello! I go by Nissie most of the time. I'm new and recently applied to join.

    I actively draw two webcomics (they're both between chapters right now but they'll start up again in a week or two). The first one is Thief Catcher RingTail, an action comic about a rich inventor and a skilled thief fighting ninja and going to high school.
    My second comic is a fantasy adventure is Dragon Princess, it's about two mercenaries and a cursed princess out looking for a cure.

    I have a day job working in graphic design/marketing for an engineering company, so my spare time is usually filled with drawing and other escapism/count tactics to deal with the drudgery of grown up life.

    Nice to meet you all!
  • Nice to meet you as well. Sounds like a busy time for you!!
  • Hello there! I'm Lego, another newbie around these parts. I draw a comic called Kinder des Lich, it's about some nerdy modern vampires.

    I like playing Bioware RPGs and occasionally D&D, and have been known to sometimes draw fanart. I've also recently been teaching myself to crochet in an effort to have a hobby that's not on the computer. So far I've made some coasters, several bracelets, and a blanket for our cat.
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    Nice, I've recently gotten back into crocheting myself! Welcome aboard!
  • Hey Darwin! I'm Sharq (he/him), I'm new to SpiderForest and this application season!! I'm making a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama called BLACK STAR, and I have been for the past 4 years now! I'm currently moving from Virginia all the way to Vermont so I haven't had the chance to update as of late 😭

    I'm a computer science student going into my junior year of college. On my free time I like to play video games like Minecraft or Tf2, just to name my top ones. I also like a lot of other nerdy stuff ranging from cosplay to Warhammer. Nice to meet all of you!

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    Hello and welcome to the hub! Sounds like "fun" (literally or sarcastically depending upon the item in your introduction). All the best for a smooth move!
  • Hi there!
    I'm C.R. / Casey (she/they). Just looking for more contacts in the comic community and thought I'd finally make myself an account after seeing Spiderforest around all the cool places for a few years running. 😆
    I'm mostly just a high-strung hermity nerd using TV, music, daydreaming, and D&D to procrastinate working on my comics. Currently working on my running series, Saints'Quarter, and trying to balance content and commissions.
    Happy to be here~
  • Hello C.R.! Welcome to the Forest
    We hope that you will find what you're looking for amongst our creators!
  • Hey hey everyone! I'm Miles and I'm sharing this account with my art buddy Wormy. I'm new to Spiderforest and Wormy is the one who introduced me to it! We're working on trying to get our project Karmic Beasts off the ground. I've had this comic concept brewing in me for awhile, I pitched it to The Worm, and now we're both hoping we can share it with this community.
    That aside, I love TTRPGs (I run two D&D 5e campaigns!), video games, TV, and music. I'm currently listening to the MGR:R and DMC5 OSTs on repeat to keep myself pumped up. I'm also very into Bionicles. One of these days we will make either a Transformers or a Bionicle comic, but that's a pipedream. I also have a cat named Angel who yells at me a lot. Nice to meet y'all! C:
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    Hello and welcome to the Hub! Transformers... I grew up on G1 in the 80's
  • Hi! my name is Anh/River (he/they). I'm new to the forum, but I've read a few of the comics on here. I', currently working on a fantasy adventure series called Sao and the Glow of Memories.

    I work as an art educator and freelance concept artist. On my sparetime, I fiddle with the guitar. My favorite musicians are the Smashing Pumpkins, Outkast, Sheena Ringo, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and Santigold. Excited to talk to yall!
  • Hello and welcome to the hub! Art as a job... man....
  • Hello! I had no idea this forum was accessible to everyone 😂 So cool! I’m Jenn, I am an Internet Old who has been making comics since the copy machine days. I just got a new job that allows me to update my webcomic regularly, so I’m excited about that.

    This is my baby!

    For the “day job” I actually work 3rd shift as a caretaker. When I’m not drawing my babies, I’m writing fanfiction, driving and jamming to my favorite tunes, and playing “Aggretsuko: the Short-timer Strikes Back.”

    Looking forward to meeting some fellow comic lovers!!
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    I've only been in the game since 2006... congrats on the persistence!!
  • Hi everyone!
    I'm Eden, but you can call me Yue as well. I'm a 20 year-old neurodivergent creator who loves anything that has to do with digital art and comics!

    My goal right now is to get started on my first published webcomic ever. So exciting! I have started a few webcomics in the past, but I never really continued with it because of a lot of reasons.

    For the day job: I'm working part-time at a magazine as an illustrator and writer :)

    Looking forward to meet like-minded people!
  • Welcome welcome Eden! Always exciting to start a new webcomic, best of luck to you!
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